Reed Theodore and Clara

Reed Theodore and Clara

Theodore Reed (Read) and his new wife Clara Harriett Henry - ca 1902. Theodore died of flu in 1918 along with 2 sons - burial unknown. Probably in Easton, Northampton County, PA or Morris County, NJ. Can anyone help?


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Hi Are you in anyway related to theodore Reed?

Theodore Reed (Read/Reid)

Theodore Reed was my wife's Grandfather. What I know about this Theodore Reed(Read) is:

Name: Theodore V READ (1)
Sex: M
AKA: Theodore V REED or Theodore REID
Birth: 1 Mar 1875 - Mt. Olive Twp, Morris County, NJ :
Death: After Sep 1918 - New Jersey

1. He worked as a farmer on 1 Jun 1880 in Mt. Olive Twp, Morris County, NJ.
2. He lived in a home with wife and seven children in Mt. Olive Twp, Morris County, NJ in 1885
3. He lived in a home with John W. Philhower and was listed as a boarder in East Orange Twp, Essex County, NJ on 1 Jun 1900
4. He lived in a home on Boyden Avenue in Hilton, NJ on 15 Apr 1910 with his wife and two children.
5. WW-I Draft Registration: 12 Sep 1918, Hilton, NJ. shows Theodore living at 469 Boyden Avenue in Hilton and working as a farmer for John H Van Ness at the same address. His nearest living relative was Clara H. Reed, his wife at the same address. He described himself as having a medium height and build with brown eyes and dark hair.

Father: Josiah REED (1825-Bef 1910)
Mother: Emaline ---?--- (1840-After 1920)
Spouses and Children

1. *Clara Harriet HENRY (10 May 1884 - 20 Jul 1946)
Marriage: 1 Mar 1902 - Mt. Olive Twp, Morris County, NJ
1. Nettie Ever REED (1905-1968)
2. Floyd REED (Abt 1908-1918)
3. Peter REED (After 1910-1918)
4. Dorothy Mae REED (1914-1990)

His birth is also listed as 1874.
He died with both sons in the flu epidemic of 1918.
Found on US Census for 1900 and 1910.

Theodore Reed/Reid/Read

I live in Easton and could do some research if you like. What makes you believe he may have died here in Northampton County?

Theodore Read (Reed) and family

Theodore and sons died in 1918 flu epidemic (so I am told) and his widow and daughters were in Easton by 1920. One daughter, Dorothy eventually married Edward William Ivey. Family chatter has Theodore and sons in Easton at their death.

The Iveys are another interesting problem! I know one Edward (EW's grandfather) was a City Councilman for Easton - and his father was one of two immigrants from England -- I am attempting to connect the Ivey families in the Easton-Glendon-Williams Twp areas of Northampton County, PA to each other. It appears there were 2 or 3 families that (from what we can find in the US) were unrelated. But I suspect the immigrants William Ivey and Edward Ivey might have been brothers. Both were from the Cornwall area of England - born between 1834 and 1839 and worked as miners here in the US. Both appear on the 1860 US Census.

SO - my interest in Easton area is diverse!!

Iveys of Easton

Sorry I didn't check back on this. You might want to check out the website for the Easton Area Public Library. If you go to the local history tab you can find a listing of obits. If you have a year of death, great...otherwise you just have to scroll around and hope you get a hit. Fortunately there is a search option at the top of each page that will help shorten your search. Assuming the name is spelled correctly. Should you find who you are looking for find the corresponding obit info and I can go to the library to pull the obit off the microfilm for you then I can easily scan it to. This may help you connect the families as it should list names of relatives and locations.
I believe I have seen the Ivey name in Easton cemetery. I can also check that out for you as well at the library.
If you need further assistance let me know. I will check back again.
all the best,

Iveys of Easton

THANKS for the reply! As you suggested - I went to the Easton Library site and discovered the OBIT index. I quickly found six of my wife's family - Dorothy Ivey - 4/25/1913, p.5 and 4/26/1913, p.3; Edward Ivey - 1/6/1913, p.3 and 1/8/1913, p.3; Lena Carey - 9/25/1931, p3; Raymond Imlay [Ivey] - 12/14/1966, p.42 and 12/17/1966, p.26; Dorothy Ivey Labarre - 2/24/1938, p.24 and 2/28/1938, p.9; and Lena Kashner - 7/24/1919, p.9 and 7/26/1919, p. 2. I wonder why so many were published twice? Would one be better than the other for information (perhaps th e2nd posting in case there were corrections?)?
Find-A-Grave "County Keeper" for Schuylkill County, PA

Keith A. McKain
McCain-McKane-O'Kane DNA Group 1 - # Mc17936


Keith, Great! Happy to look

Great! Happy to look them up for you. I've come across the two obits as well in the past. I think one is a notification of death and the second one is funeral and interrment info and also usually includes relations as well. I can check both and copy the one tha is more pertinent. No problem.
I need to go to the library tomorrow so I can look them up then. Would you also like cemetery pictures?
I see you are in Schuylkill County? Perhaps you could help me out? I am looking for the final resting place of my great uncle James Christopher Callery 1828-1885. I have combed the cemeteries of Schuylkill County with no luck. His brother, my great grandfather is buried in I believe Holy Family or St. Stephens.
James served in the Civil War and his family was very poor when he died. I have his obit, he died in Ashland but there is no mention of where he is buried. He was a prominent member of the Ashland GAR. I have been told by the organization that members who were unable to afford a funeral were buried at the expense of the GAR. I believe(really really hope!)that the Schuylkill County library or the historical society may have a ledger of burials performed by the GAR. I have been unable to contact the historical society in Ashland.
Any aid or assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is one of those family mysteries that we just can't seem to solve.

Ivey Obits

Here is the list of close Iveys from the OBIT files at Easton Library - any or all scanned OBITS would be helpful! Any idea why there are often 2??
Ivey, Dorothy 4/25/1913 - p.5
4/26/1913 - p.3
Ivey, Edward 1/6/1913 - p.3
1/8/1913 - p. 3
Carey, Lena 9/25/1937 - p. 3

Imlay, Raymond S 12/14/1966 - p. 42
[Ivey] 12/17/1966 - p.26
LaBarre, Dorothy Ivey 2/24/1938 - p.24
2/28/1938 - p.9
Kashner, Lena 7/24/1919 - p.9
7/26/1919 - p.2

Theodore Reed

Thanks for the offer - will check the Library Website. I recently checked with them re: Edward Ivey and William Ivey - two apparently unrelated brothers. I was able to obtain the Naturalization Records for all Iveys born between about 1800 and 1850. Based on those - I believe Edward and William were brothers - or at least related in some way. I have a friend working the English Census for me since every Ivey Naturalized in Easton was from Cornwall, England. I will get back to you about Theodore. If you prefer - you are welcome to use my Email - [email protected] for contact.