Mary Edna "Nellie" Powell and Gertrude Powell

Mary Edna "Nellie" Powell and Gertrude Powell

Left, Mary Edna "Nellie" Powell and right, Gertrude Powell. 

They were the daughters of George and Elizabeth Howell Powell.

Photo taken by C. G. Duffey, Sharon, PA.


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My grandfather was walter

My grandfather was walter stien powell & his sister was margaret powell. If I remember correctly these are his cousins? I have a picture of gertie (as my grandmother dorothea called her)& nellie as small children.My grandparents were both buried in cochranton by his parents.


My grandmothers name was Gertrude Margrete Powell. She was related to a famous preacher Powell not sure if it was Joab Powell or not. Just know the powells were part of the pioneer party that first came to oregon.

This picture of Mary Edna

This picture of Mary Edna "Nellie" & Gertrude Powell was taken around 1900 when they were in their early 20's. They were both born in the ealy & mid 1870's. I am not aware of any relatives named Walter or Howard Powell in the family. Where was your great-grandfather, Howard Powell born & when?


I have a picture of my grandmothers parents. Gertrude my (grandmother)Her mothers picture looks like gertie in her 20's.

not sure about my great

Not sure about my great grandfather, but my grandpa, walter was born in 1919 I believe also in cochranton,his parents had a farm there, which I believe is still standing.His parents names were Lucy & Howard I believe,I think her maiden name was Freyermuth. He also had a sister Margaret Dean Powell that was quite a bit older then him, not sure of her birthdate. my grandfather married dorothea sheakley.

I can not find the pic.but

I can not find the pic.but found a pic. that had gertie on it.on the back it says reunion at Aunt Eninas-Emimas, not sure of the spelling hard to read. It is a pix of a bunch of young teens/adults sitting on/in front of a fence.Names are will,gertie,archie,dan,loie,charley,lucy(my grt.gma)earl,maude,henry,mollie,& tom. No last names were listed. I know we had a gertrude on both sides of my great granparents, not sure which side this is.may be my great grandmothers,just thought I'd add this too see if u may recognize any of these names.
I imagine some how down the line we are prob. related. My great aunt Margaret had our geneaology done bk to England before her death.My mom has a print up of her findings. I know the name was Howell then changed to Powell. It seem like our families have a bit in common, close to the same areas & all. My sister & I were both born is Sharon, Pa, my grandparents lived in West Middlesex, we had family in Meadville,Cochranton, Sheakleyville.

Family Reunion

I am sorry to say that none of the names listed are in my database. I am only aware of 1 other family of mine that came to the USA in the mid-1880's and they lived in Nanticoke. All other POWELL relatives remained in England in the Gloucestershire area.

The POWELL surname has been the same all the way back to the late 1700's when the surname PROUT and PROUGHT cropped up. The HOWELL surname has been the same all the way back to the early 1700's and all of the HOWELL families stayed in Gloucestershire, England or immigrated to New Zealand.

I don't believe that your grandfather's Powell family and mine are related unless it was way back in the early to mid-1700's since I am still tracking all of my extended Powell relatives from back during that time period.

Family relation

My dad Russell Freyermuth was a first cousin of Walter Powell, your grandfather. So, we are related! E-mail me or contact me through facebook.
John Freyermuth