Houk Reunion 1937

Houk Reunion 1937

Houk Reunion 1937
Submitted by Tami McConahy

Photo from the Houk Reunion taken August 8, 1937.

No one is identified in the photo.

Recognize anyone? Please let me know.


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Stephen Houk

I have determined that my ancestor Daniel Houk was the son of Stephen Houk. Does anyone know anything about Stephen Houk born about 1753 in Holland and married to Elizabeth Crane? Elizabeth was born Nov 14, 1757 place unknown. They had a son named Daniel Houk who was born on January 13, 1782 in Elizabeth, NJ. Is there a connection between Stephen and Philip Houk? Philip Houk was from NJ, and they lived at the same time. Could they be cousins? Stephen Houk came from Holland to NJ - I don't know when - and had a son born in Elizabeth, Nj in 1782.

Daniel Houk B. 1782

I have traced my father's family though to Daniel Houk, born 13 Jan 1782, Elizabeth, NJ. I can't trace it any further. Does anyone know who Daniel's parents were? He married Sarah Leconte Mundy (b. 1797 New Brunswick, NJ) in 1814 and their son Obediah Wright Houk was born in Oswego, NY 3 Jan 1818. Thanks for any leads you may have.

Daniel Houk

I have parents of Daniel Houk they were I believe without checkin g my original sources Stephen Houk and Elizabeth Crane.
If you send your email I will send you the info I have

Daniel Houk B. 1782

Hi! Daniel Houk (1752) is my 3rd Great-Grandfather. Happy to give you all the info I have as I have been able to research back quite far.

Daniel's father was Stephen Houk (B. 1757 - Holland)
Hi mother was Elizabeth Crane (B. 1757 - NJ)

I have further info back on his Mother, but the Houk Line I have stops with Stephen.

Obediah was my 2nd great grandfather.

Would love to chat. Are you NJ local?

I would assume that we are cousins of some sort.

Houk Newton Reunion Photo

Hi, I came across this photo when doing a follow-up search to an article in the 1910 New Castle News about that year's reunion. At the time it was stated that John Newton had kept a diary all of his life (1771-1847) and that it was in the possession of E.N. Houk (or E.N.Newton), but this was not clearly stated. Except that the current owner of the diary was the great-grandson of John. Does anyone know if this diary still exists and where it is?! It seems that descendants have been searching forever to determine from where in NJ (or VT), John Newton originated. Any assistance out there would be appreciated. And, are these reunions still going on?!

Merabeth Newton Moore [email protected]

Phillip, Samuel Houk, Alexander McConahy Houk

It looks like my Mom and Dad, Ralph Andrew Houk..son of Alexander McConahy Houk are in this picture. I was 2 but the youngest does not exactly look like me.I have enlarged the pic but it is hard to recognize. I have pedigree and family group sheets done for my granddaughter's family tree. My son in laws sister did the research.
Have towns, personal descriptions, some dates of military service. She researched this back to England to 1500, names like Howlett, French, Riddlesdale, Warren and Hassen.
All is available, I live in New Castle. Contact me and we can set up a meeting.
Ralph (Bucky) Houk


Hi Ralph
My grandfather was William Burke Lutton from New Castle. My mother used to tell us about all our cousins in Houkie-Newton Hollow. I have been given a family tree that starts with Phillip Houk. I have my great, great Grandfathers Civil War discharge papers, his name was William Francis Burke, his wife was Mary (I think) Newton. In this tree are Newtons,Frews, Cuthbertsons, Guyers and of course Houks. I live in Maine and have not been to New Castle since the 70's, someday, perhaps I will visit and do more research. Kathy K. has been a great resource and we hav spoken and shared info.


Houk Reunion Picture 1937

Hi Tami
I am a descendent of Samuel Reed Houk, and I believe I may be able to identify him (and possibly a few others) in this picture; however, I am unable to enlarge this picture big enough to get a good look at some of them. Would it be possible for you to send this to me via email as an attachment?
Thank you!
Kay Maupin
Charlottesville, VA

I would like a picture as well.

I am also a descendent of Phillip Houk and Mary Frew. Could I get a copy of the picture in digital form? I'd like to see if I could enlarge it and send to other members of my family.


Houk Ancestry information

Dear Tami,
I am a decendent of Willaim Houk, the son of Phillip Houk and Mary Margret Frew. I am in the process of presenting my case to the Daughters or the American Revoulution. I would like to know if you have a source for a marrige or baptisim record for William or Mary Elizabeth White. I'm researching Phillip and Mary Margret Houk in Summerset County, New Jersey, and at the Trenton State library. Any new information that I find I would be glad to share it with you. I would appreciate any information that you may have on this matter. Thank you!

Kathleen Kendrick
Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Houk Family Tree

I am a descendent of the Houk family. My mother, Mary Alice "Williams" Keller was the daughter of Hazel "Houk" Williams and Dewey Lee Williams. They lived in Castlewood, PA.
If someone would e-mail me a copy of their Houk family tree it would be great!

Houk descendent in Long Valley NJ

Hi Kathleen,

I am a granddaughter of Hazel Houk. I live in Long Valley and thought it was neat that you are right over in Phillipsburg. I have lots of information from Gayle Houk and from my mother Marilyn Copeland Davidson who is Hazel's daughter. Let me know if you would like to get together somewhere for coffee and trade info. I wouldn't mind driving to Phillipsburg.

There is a Facebook page for Houk Cousins. If you're not already a member, join us!


Hi Tammy, I am a descendant

Hi Tammy, I am a descendant of Phillip Houk. Can you trace his history back any farther than his death in1832? I know he was a Revolutionary War Vet. I have an extensive family tree of the Houks. My grandfather was Francis Houk. We used to attend a few family reunions as kids in the 1950's. I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

Houk Ancestry Information

Hi Kathleen (and Tami!),

I'm also a decendent of Phillip Houk and Mary Margaret Frew Houk, decending from Margaret and, now that I look at it, Nancy Houk.

I'm interested to know how your case is going with the DAR (my mother-in-law is a member and has been wanting me to try and become a member)?

I'd also love to share information with you if you are interested. I haven't done much research on this line as of late so I'm guessing you probably have more than me, but I could probably fill in some blanks for you too.

Would love to hear from you too Tami! We should get together sometime!

Rachal Lohr-Dean
Chantilly, VA


I am a descendant of Alexander M. Houk and am trying to get proof of family lines for SAR. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

Philip Houk - DAR Line

Hi Rachal,

Did you ever connect with Kathleen and Tami? I too am interested in proving my line to Philip Houk for DAR. I go through the child John Elizabeth (Nichols) Houk and their child Eliza Houk who married John C. Fulkerson.

Any thoughts, words of wisdom and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Janet McFarland
Alexandria, VA

Janet, Philip Houk is my 6x


Philip Houk is my 6x great grandfather. I'm also interested in applying for DAR membership. Please let me know if you were able to find records at the DAR.


family ties

i am also related to phillip houk and mary margaret frew houk. their daughter margaret houk married john newton. their son john married mary wilson. their son edward newton married nancy lutton and had my grandmother flora etta newton who later had a child with william arthur callahan or i believe that was his name anyway. anyone that may have any connection in anyway to william callahan son or father please contact me at [email protected] or on facebook under bill callahan from new castle pa thanks

Houck ancestry, D,A,R.

Hi Rachael, Yes I'm finally a member of the D.A.R. I recieved alot of help from the New Castle Library. They have information on the Houk Linage. Its well documented. IF you have any guestions you can contact me . Kathleen Kendrick Phillipsburg New Jersey

Houk Reunion 1937

I am too you to identify those individuals in the picuture, but I know my family can. We still have the family reunion every year in New Castle PA, 3rd Saturday in July. The Houk family cottage is the location.

I would love to know how you found this photograph! Please let me know you geneaology.

Houk genealogy

I saw your posting about the 1937 reunion photo which I found after seeing an article from the 1910 New Castle News regarding that year's reunion! It mentioned a diary kept by John Newton [1771-1847] in the possession of an E.N. Houk. I am looking for early information on John Newton who married Margaret Houk in 1793. I phoned Ralph Houk in New Castle and he said you have a wealth of info - I am NOT on FaceBook.
I would love to hear from you.
Merabeth N. Moore


Hi Brett, I saw your posting . I am a decendent of William Houk ,Philip Houk's Son. I've done alot of research on the Houk Family , but I would very muck like to know where the Houk Cottage is located . My Mother lives right off the Elwood Rd. Is it close by? , and is it on the orginal land they owned. Thank you so much for your help . Kathleen Kendrick