Old School Class Photo 1890s

Old School Class Photo 1890s

This photo appears to be that of a school class. It was found in an old trunk belonging to Lura Mawhinney Shouey (#17). On the back of the picture is the date Jan. 22,1922 and words History of This Bunch In 1922. There is then a list of names with some details after each. These comments were made by Lura. The order of the names and who they belonged to was established by using the pictures of Lura Mawhinney (#17), her brothers Mont (# 7) and George (#10) and her younger sister Florence (#23) all of whom are identified in other family photos. This photo was probably taken between 1892 and 1895 based on the apparent ages of these four siblings.

Names (and comments from 1922)

1. T.C. Brightol - Burgess of Canal
2. Eliza Sanders- Mrs. Bill Deets, Franklin
3. Lily Hays - Mrs. Quimby Miller, Buttermilk Hill
4. Ada Perry - Mrs. Bromley, Lived in Indiana last I knew
5. Thos Wyatt - Franklin
6. Madge Scowden - Mrs. Dr. Mead, New Brighton
7. Mont Mawhinney - Supt. Mawhinney Stock Farm Sugar Creek Twp.
8. Minta Hays - Mrs. Issac White, Buttermilk Hill
9. Gertie Gordon - Mrs. C. C. Haman, Franklin
10. Georgie Mawhinney
11. Blanch Sanders - Mrs. Stocker, Rocky Grove
12. Frank Kingsley - Dead
13. Grace Baldwin - Dead since June
14. Maude Howell - Dead
15. Maude Hayes - Mrs. Harrison Mong, Clintonville
16. Maggie Wyatt - Mrs. Rex VanderBark, Wyattville
17. Lura Mawhinney - Buttermilk Hill
18. Maude Fostor - Lives with Anna Franklin
19. Dina Alexander - Mrs. Rhea, Franklin
20. Cassie McGarr - Don't know
21. Albert Sanders - Dead
22. Pearl Burns - Mrs. John White, Kennerdale
23. Florence Mawhinney
24. Josephine McGarr - Married Yonkers, N.Y.
25. Nelle Fostor - Mrs. Frank Semple, Sugar Creek
26. Elwood Sanders - Married Arizona
27. Bert Scriven - Dead
28. George Baldwin - Married, Divorced, Franklin
29. Viola Scowden - Teacher New Brighton
30. Dennis Foster - Married Bully Hill
31. Ben McGarr - Don't Know
32. Ralph Foster - Mayor of Wyattville
33. Ralph Scowden - Engineer, New Castle
34. Ralph Alexander - Iowa
35. Currir McGarr - Chemist- Don't Know
36. John McGarr - Married - Oil city last I knew
37. Chancy Scriven - Married Georgia Freeman, Franklin
38. Neal Higbee - Don't Know
39. Gertie Ream - Dead about a year. Left a family of five Children

Submitted by George Shouey, grandson of Lura Mawhinney Shouey


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