GRT Grandfather Frank w Gravely

GRT Grandfather Frank w Gravely

(REV): Frank W Gravely dob 1855 in Pittslvania county Va, son of Sidney 1814 & Mahaley Gravely 1824. Siblings Eliza 1850, Loucinda, Frances, Sidney, Monroe, John, William,Sarah, Carrie, Jordan, Susan.
Frank married Marinda Martin in 1879 same year having son John Richmond Gravely shortly after moved from Pitts county to Martinsville Henry County having a daughter named after her mom Rinda Gravely- (Wilson) passed in Washington DC in the 1960's. And on August 20,1892 Frank & Marinda was living in Tunstall Pitts County having their final son (Bishop) Monroe Gravely 08/20/1892-12/14/1968. Frank's wife became ill and passed on. It is believed that Monroe & Rinda, John was raised by Frank's sister Eliza until they were older to go off on their own.
Frank was believed to be married 3 different times but we only have info on 2 with my grt Grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Jones of Calland's Pitts County Va Married 1896 later moving to Salem Roanoke Va having 3 sons Ervin est1906, James Cotley est1908, and my Grandfather Clarence Jasper Gravely on April 4, 1917. It also was believed that Frank passed away around 1920 but is not sure when he actually passed. Frank & Sarah must of brought their 3 children to Tunstall, Callands over the years meeting Frank's family and his other children along with the Jone's family.

Bishop Monroe married his first wife Fanny and had a step son Mason Powell and Monroe became a widow and at age 40 lived next door to his aunt Eliza in Tunstall before moving to Beckley West Va. Bishop Monroe later married Christine and had a son named Cilfton currently lives in Brookyln NY. Bishop Monroe stayed in contact with all his siblings and family over the years visiting my grandfather in Pocohontas, his brother John in Axton, attended my grt grandmother funeral 1959, my grandfather funeral 1957, his sister funeral in DC.
I am not sure how often my Grandfather Clarence and his wife Causby visited that side of the family but my Uncle Clarence jr said his mother used to visit Gravely family in Martinsville from time to time, not sure if they visited in Tunstall, Axton, Callands knowing different
family members knowing the GRAVELY family history out of Pittsylvania County Va. ADMIRAL Samuel lee Gravely jr father Samuel Lee Gravely sR was born on June 19, 1896 in Callands Pittsylvania county chances are his parents were Frank's siblings or Frank's cousin's son but we'll never know do to the current family disconnect no one knowing their family history going past their parents these days. But Pittsylvania County Callands is but so big and family back then lived near each other expanding to Martinsville,Axton,Roanoke,North Carolina over the decades but chances are we all are family.
And one day someone from our family can answer questions about Frank W Gravely when he died, who was his 3rd wife, how many children he had, where he lived over the years etc... But that's him a short stubby light skinned man my grt grandfather.


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