Lou Emma Williamson Maynard

Lou Emma Williamson Maynard

Headstone of Lou Emma Williamson Maynard wife of Harmon Maynard.


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williamson family tree

I come from the union of Williamson/May families of Pike County


family tree

Hi All
I am a descendant of the Williamson/Varney family of Pike County or Pikeville, KY. In my grandparents' passing last year I have inherited the "family bible" with a bit of the family tree included. Is there any way we can get together on this?


Can you tell me where Nancy Elswick Clevenger is buried? I know that she was a common-law wife to a Cline. I am related to her,thru Levi Clevenger.
By any chance do you know where he might be buried also? Thanks so much, Cathy Rowland

Nancy Elswick Clevenger

I have a lot of info on Nancy and Levi, my email is [email protected]

Clline, Runyon, Maynard

I am sorry but I do not know where this Clevenger is buried. However, I will put the word out and see if anyone does. Sometimes, someone will know something and can share if asked.


My line is thru

Adron Runyon Sr and Jennie Maynard
Adron Runyon Jr and Elizabeth Pinson
Louisa Runyon and Wayne Cline
Dixie Cline and Paul S. Alley
Mabel Alley and Everett Branham
My mom Diane and My dad Dell
Then Me Susie

Im told also Adron Runyon sr had children with Mary A. May.
Harvey Gene
George W.
William Jefferson
they all 3 married rutherfords

Adron Runyon, Sr. and Mary A. May

Hello there...we are related! My family is descended from Adron's relationship with Mary A. May, who was a housekeeper in Adron and Jennie's home. William Jefferson May is one of my ggggrandfather's, not sure how far back at this time. My dad, Charles H. Saunders, was Sally May and Elijah Sanders' son. They were from Pike County. And you're right, they did all marry Rutherfords.

Adron Runyon Sr

My husband also descends from the Mary A May with Adron. William Jefferson, Harvey Gene (my husbands line), George Washington May.

Adron Runyon Sr and Mary A May (unmarried)
Harvey Gene May married Judah Rutherford
Basil Blaine May married Dixie Murphy Hatfield
William Wardy May married Gladys Marie Casey
Byron Gordon May married Loretha Smith (2nd) Living
My husband.

My email address is twigfinder at gmail dot com

Runyon lines

Ms. May,
Do you know the names of the Runyon's buried on the Maynard-Runyon cemetery? I would like to add any information on the people to my files. Also, I want to make sure we include everyone who was buried there. I know there are unmarked graves and over time, their names have been forgotten. I could use your help if you can give it.
YOu mention a Cline-Alley cemetery in a previous photo. Can you tell me where this is located? Is this near the store?
I know that our great aunt Mintie Maynard married a Perry Cline and her grave is not on the Maynard Runyon cemetery with her mom and dad which would be Harmon and Hester LouEmma Williamson Maynard.


Hi, i have most of the Photos from that cemetery, ill dig those up and send it to you. Could you tell me a bit about Perry Cline? If its the right Cline then we are connected. My mom's side of the family is Cline. Dixie Cline wife of Paul Alley was the daughter of Wayne Cline and Louisa Runyon. Wayne was son of Jacob Cline and Rebecca Taylor and Louisa was the daughter of Adron Runyon Jr and Elizabeth Pinson. I have most of the names on the Cline-Alley Cemetery as well. Thats where my grandparents is buried. The store is no longer there as they tore it down a few yrs back. But i do have a photo of the store as well, so all wasnt lost.

Clline, Runyon, Maynard

Ms. May,
Are you on facebook? I would like to befriend you and have you look at my old photos albums and maybe I can look at your photos.
I enjoy the ones posted on this site, too.
Ruby Collins Henson

Maynard-Runyon Cemetery

Perry is the son of Jacob Cline and REbecca Taylor

Perry Cline

Perry is the brother to Wayne Cline my gr gr grandpa. Wayne had a daughter named Dixie Cline who married Paul Alley, my great granparents.


Perry Cline married Mintie Maynard, sister to my grandfather, John T. Maynard.
They are children of Harman Maynard and Hester Lou Emma Williamson Maynard. I keep wondering if Aunt Mint and Uncle Perry are buried on the Cline cemetery. Their sons were Marvin, Bony, and Homer.


Perry A Cline

Perry A Cline is buried in a private cemetery in Eastern Kentucky on land that was owned by my grandfather. There are several Clines buried there. I have pictures of his gravesite that were taken this past Thanksgiving if you would like the picture. Send me your email.


Perry A Cline

I would love the photos, Thank You!

[email protected]


Im not sure. there are some unmarked graves up there by little rocks. I'll go make that list of ones that are there. my grandparents are there, Mabel Alley and Everett Branham, great grandparents Paul and Dixie Cline Alley. Ill email you the list if you dont have it.

Cline Family

I would like to have the list of the Cline cemetery if you could send it.
My Aunt, Lois Collins married Sidney Cline and they are buried on the D.W. James cemetery below Gulnare on Johns Creek. I have cataloged and photographed this cemetery.
Have you read the CLine Book? I interlibrary loaned a copy and it was well done. It was written by Cecil L. Cline and titled
The Clines and Allied Families: of the Tug River Region of Kentucky and WEst Virginia

family of Runyon, Cline and Maynard

Mrs. May,
Could you call or email me again, please? I would like to visit with you about the families above.

Lou Emma Williamson Maynard and Harman Maynard

These are my great grandparents buried in the Maynard-Runyon Cemetery at Piso, KY.

The bronze plaques were placed on their head stones several years ago by a grandson. The other side of the tombstone is barely readable and very weathered.

Their children, grandchildren and relatives are buried on this cemetery which contains over 80 graves and I have cataloged them for the National Cemetery project and for Pike County Cemeteries.

Lou Emma

Hi, some of my moms runyon family is buried up there. My mom's line is thru Adron Runyon and Jennie Maynard.....The headstones are really nice and i love the pictures that is on them. Tells a story. Also a there is some of my family buried there as well, but are to the back a ways.

Maynard Runyon Cemetery

Can you tell me about your family so that I can add them to our Runyon Genealogy lines?

I am assuming your lines are related to Grover Runyon and his mother and dad.


would you happen to know any

would you happen to know any information on the maynard family's? beacuse im trying to learn more about my family's back round thanks.

Lou Emma Williamson Maynard

This is my great grandmother on my grandfather Maynard's line.

Maynard Genealogy

I have a lot of information on the Descendants of James Maynard, Sr.

My dad was Henry Thomas Maynard, Sr. son of Matterson E. and Elizabeth Sammons Maynard. Matt's dad was, Thomas Patrick Maynard, a Civil War Veteran. Thomas' dad was Simeon Maynard;
May mother, Stella Crum Maynard, often spoke of "Aunt Louemma"
I will be happy to exchange info with those who are interested.

I also have info on the surnames Sammons/Salmons and Judes.

maynard family

I dont want to bother you but do you have any information on the maynard family??? me and my brother are trying to find information on are family ....

Timothy, I would need a

I would need a little more information on your parents and grandparents to know where you are on the Maynard trees.
Will be happy to help following this information.

Family ties

I dont have alot of info on my family history but ill give u what i got. My Grandfather (Thomas harry Maynard sr) was born in Highland Illinois in (june 3, 1943) And Was Killed in Vietnam on (November 6, 1965) serving his country In The U.S. Army 2nd Battalion 8th cavalry 1st cav division Air Mobile. my Great Grandfather was (Harry Theodore Maynard). My Great Grandmother was(Mrs. Nina M. Koontz ). And My Father (Thomas Harry Maynaard JR.)was Born at (Fort Macarthur, San Pedro California) on (May10,1966)year after my grandpa was killed in veitnam. Hope This is enough Thank You