Farrell J Vice

Farrell J Vice

Taken in Vietnam 68-69


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Farrell Vice

Farrell was my 1st cousin. His father (Chester Vice) and my mother (Elita Vice Soirez) were brother & sister. My father (Raymond Soirez) was Farrell's godfather. I just finished watching the movie "Hamburger Hill" and it got me to think of Farrell. The fight for Hamburger Hill, a battle in Vietnam which took place between May 10-20, 1969 was the place I thought all this time was were Farrell had died but obviously he died somewhere else since he died 4 days after that battle took place. I personally don't remember Farrell all that much, I was 12 when he died but I've got a brother (Terry Soirez) who remembers him well. I do remember his funeral. He had a glass partition above his body. My Dad cried when Farrell died. I'm sure he was sad because Farrell was his godfather but also because my Dad had served in WWII and the Korean War and came back to live the rest of his life in Louisiana and he died in 2003.

Farrel Vice

Hey Brent, nice to hear from you. I'm Casa's son. Yeah Uncle Farrell was killed May 24, 1969 just north of Lai Khe in Binh Duong Province. Over the last 8 years I compiled lots of info on him for the family. I've been in touch with "Doc" Sabatos who was with him at the time he was killed and also Lt. Andy Wilson. What happened was Lt. Wilson tripped a booby trap and the shrapnel hit Uncle Farrel mostly in the back but one piece entered just under the brim of his helmet and hit him in the temple. Hope this sheds a little more light. Take care and God bless.

f.j. vice

Would like to hear from family of farrell j vice. His name always brought tears to my dads eyes, and I think I know why. Please get ahold of me.

Farrell Vice

I would say that your Dad is Steven Vice. He is my first cousin and you'd be my second cousin. I was born in Erath, raised in New Iberia and now live in Morganton, NC. Your Dad's Dad (Chester Vice) and my Mother (Elita Vice Soirez( were brother and sister. Nonk Ches as you probably know died in a salt mine accident back in the late 60's. My Mom died back in '81. If you're Elizabeth then my brother (Dexter Soirez) was your Godfather. He died back in '88 of a heart attack. As you can read from my other posts I don't remember Farrell all that much but my other remaining brother (Terry Soirez) did. He died of a heart attack last July. Both Farrell and Terry were around the same age, with Farrell being a year older. I would say that Steven has told you about Farrell's funeral and all the other details. One thing I still remember to this day is the last time I saw Farrell. My parents, Dexter, and I went go visit Farrell at the house he was living in, somewhere near C. C. Comeaux Park. On his TV was a picture and when you looked at it a certain way you saw a picture of Jesus Christ but you had to "train" your eyes to see it.

Terry Soirez

I am Marie Soirez, daughter of Lovelace J. Soirez Sr.. My father's family are all from the Abbeville, Erath... I was wondering if Terry Soirez had been living in Vidor Texas over the past 8 or 9 years. I went to visit a Terry Soirez along with my mother and brother. If that is the same Terry Soirez, Iare you saying her has passed away? His Great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers. Also my sister's mother was married to a Mr. Vice in Abbeville.

Farrels funeral

I became very close friends with Farrel we went through training together arrived in Nam. together but we went to different units I was wounded early in battle and was sent to Fort Polk ,when Vice was killed I was asked to give his wife the flag as I did with all the honor it brings to the family of a fallen soldier to this day ,remembering my friend Vice !!!

Is this a relative of yours?

I was searching for genealogy information on my Dad's family (very hard to find) and I ran across this photo. Is Farrell a relative of yours? The reason I ask is because my Dad's family "Vice" is from Vermillion Parish and I'm wondering if Farrell is a cousin.

he is my great uncle

I did not know him but it is my grandfathers brother. I heard great story's about him and his life. He was a great man from what I hear. His brother Steven vice Sr. Is my grandfather. We all live here in abbeville, Louisiana

Yes he is

Farrell J. Vice is (was) my uncle. His father was Chester Vice. My mother is Casa Vice. They were raised in Henry, La. Vermilion Parish.