Pearson family reunion in or near Rossburg, Darke County Ohio

Pearson family reunion in or near Rossburg, Darke County Ohio

This is likely a family reunion but most of the individuals in the picture are unidentified. I can identify 5 or 6 individuals, all adults in the picture. in the far left back row with only half his head showing (heavy set woman in front of him) is my great great grandfather Silas Pearson, (1834-1906)In the front middle sitting down with white beard and glasses is Rev. David Stutsman Davenport (1823-1902)and his wife Margaret "Peggy" (Coats) Davenport (1829-1913)is seated to his right. Behind Margaret's right shoulder, standing is my great great grandmother Susannah (Coats) Pearson (1834-1912). The man seated two spots from Rev Davenport's left side is my great grandfather David Stutsman Pearson (1861-1955). The woman in-between them in the stripped blouse is unknown. She is not my great grandmother but she could possibly be either a daughter to D. S. Davenport and Margaret or possibly my great grandfather's first wife (no issue)named Cora Tucker but they were divorced by 1894. To David S Pearson's left side is a woman who I believe may be his brother's wife named Anna Kristine (Leth) Pearson because the man, seated, whose face is half cut off, appears strongly to be his brother Mark Pearson. In addition, and this is just a guess, I believe that the bearded man standing behind Rev D. S. Davenport is Margaret and Susannah's sibling William Thomas Coats (1837-1903). If that is correct then it likely would be his wife Lucinda (Smith) Wheeler Coats to his right. I have some possible guesses on a few others but won't write them here. I am intrigued by the badges that many of them are wearing, men women and a few of the children on their left breasts/lapels etc. If anyone can help me identify more of these folks I will love you forever! Also what are the badges??? As said in the title. This is near Rossburg, Darke County Ohio. Silas and Susannah Pearson had a 40 acre farm in York Twp. not too far from Rossburg.


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New identified individual

I have discovered the name of an additional individual in the picture. You will note that on the far right side of the picture where it is torn (damaged) that removes view of the man's left shoulder, standing in the second row on the end, with a mustache and R arm behind his back. This is, 95% sure, Jacob Caspar Barr (1823-1902) husband of Nancy Coats who was a sister to my great great grandmother Susannah and also Margaret "Peggy" Coats davenport both of whom have been identified in the picture.

Further ID

I am now almost 100% certain the the man standing first row of standing adults, far right side behind Identified Mark Pearson, with face just above the damaged part and with mustache is Jacob Caspar Barr husband of Nancy Coats who is Margaret, William and Susannah's sister. I have not been able to identify Nancy so far in the picture.