First Grade Room, Hazeldell School, Cleveland, Ohio, probably 1910s

First Grade Room, Hazeldell School, Cleveland, Ohio, probably 1910s

Photo from an old postcard. The year is unknown. Looks like it could be from the 1910s

The names of the students are unknown.


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I went to Hazeldell from

I went to Hazeldell from 1955-1962, I was in the Enrichment program. It was a pilot program. My teacher was Grace D, Whitten. I remember a Miss Robinson and Mrs McIntyre. We took French with madame Rinaldi.

Enrichment Program

Hello Patricia,
I also was in the enrichment program during those years. As I remember, it was called Major Work. I remember French class with Madame Rinaldi!
My teacher was Mrs Singley. I remember there were 3 grades in one large corner room. I also had Mrs McIntrye in the 1st or 2nd grade.
Do you have any class pictures from that time period? I lost all of mine in a flooded basement.

Haseldell school 7th grade 1907

I am looking at a pix from my grand mother when she was in Haseldell school on E. 123d St.She was in 7th grade (printed on the pix) and the year was 1907. She lived on Eddy Rd. at that time.


I attended Hazel Dell for the fourth grade in the mid to late fifties. My teacher was Miss Wanstall. I would love to converse with someone who atteneded classes there around that time.


I went to Hazeldell from 1950-1956. I had Mrs. Wanstall and remember her dog Wanny. I remember her as mean and sort of scary and old. She was probably young enough to be my daughter at my age now! I was a hall guard and a Major Work jerk. Were you? Thanks for posting about Hazeldell. Do you have any pictures?

Hazeldell and Mrs. Wanstall

I had Mrs. Wanstall in 3rd grade and she was my favorite teacher of all time! I think I was the teacher's pet for the only time in my life. I, also remember Wanny, and went to a couple of dog shows in which Wanny was being judged. We kept in touch for many years, exchanging holiday cards. In 1963 I had the chance to volunteer in West Africa and I wrote to her to share this wonderful occasion. I received a letter from her husband, George Wanstall, informing me that she had died. I will always remember her.

Helen Mills

I went there from 57 to 62?

I went there from 57 to 62? I remember a Debbie Morrow, and a Ricky(Bethel) vanatter or Vanadda? we were best buds then :-).

Hazeldell Elementery School

Hello, Rita,
I just happened upon your posting from a couple of years ago, and was delighted to see you mention Mrs. Wanstall. I attended Hazeldell from 1950 to 1953 and had Mrs. Wanstall for fourth grade. I remember her bringing her well-trained german shepherd to school to perform tricks for us in the hallway outside our classroom. I also had Miss Early and Miss Patrick for teachers. Write to me at [email protected] if you would still like to reminisce.

Student at Hazeldell

Hi Everyone,
I attended Hazeldell from 1954(?) - 1960 and was in the Major Work classes of Mrs. Singley. I loved her - she was a great teacher. After Hazeldell went to Collinwood for 2 years and then moved out of Cleveland. Does anyone remember Mrs Singley - or first grade teacher Mrs McIntyre?
I would love to see any photos that anyone has. All of my school pictures were lost. I remember the Vice Principal - Mrs Baumgartner. Very strict. I remember the paper drives and each class piling their bundle newspapers in the schoolyard.

Hazeldell Elementary School

I went to Hazeldell school in the mid 60's for 3 years, but can't find any pictures of the school itself. Im 52 now so the school has been long torn down, i only wished I would have gotten a picture of it before.


I ATTENDED FROM 1964 -1968


hazeldell school picture

I know where to find one. Is this the school off st. clair ave in Cleveland ohio. Look on Facebook.