Henry and Hannah Redinger Family, New Salem, Armstrong County, PA

Henry and Hannah Redinger Family, New Salem, Armstrong County, PA

Henry and Hannah Redinger and their extended family circa 1901-02, in front of their New Salem house.


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Reddingers of Armstrong County

Hi -

Henry and Hannah were my great grandparents, and I posted this photo. Hannah is in the black dress, first row, far left. Henry is in the first row, second from the right, with the child on his lap. My grandmother is further back in the photo.

I have also heard the same information about how the original Henry Redinger came to the US (the colonies, at that time). But I've never heard the story about him shooting three men! If you know more, I would like to know!

Also, if you know anything more about where they came from in Germany, that would be great.


Gloria Duffy

Reddinger Photo


I came across a website where you posted a phot of the Reddinger family in New Salem, PA around 1900.

Would it be possible to purchse a copy of this phot and could you tell where in New Salem the photo was taken?

As near as I can determine this is my family also.

I appreciate you time.


Bill Reddinger


Bill I am wondering where you are from and if your father might have been Clee Reddinger son of William Earl and Laura Reddinger. please contact me if you are. I have information on our family and also have a Rettinger/Reddinger book that was published, and still have some left.



I do not recognize nor have I heard of the names you mentioned.


Rettinger/Reddinger family history

Is the book you refer to named Gleanings? I already have this book. I am looking for information on the Reddingers from the old country, wherever that may be. I already have info from Henry's arrival in 1750 but maybe you have more info on what i have so far. I descend from Isaac/Emmanuel line...
Thank you...

Great grandparents

Hi, Bill -

I would be happy to email you a copy of the photo - assuming you want it in digital form. These are my great-grandparents Henry and Hannah Redinger (reddinger, rettinger) and their extended family, and I have lots of information about them. The photo includes my grandmother and most of her brothers and sisters. This is in front of their house, which is still there, in New Salem, right on the main road that goes through town.

Please let me know what other information I can provide for you. What generation are you, and who were your grandparents and parents? Then maybe we can see if it's the same family.

All the best,

Gloria Duffy

Reddinger Family Photo

Hello Gloria,

I apologogize. I sent you an e-mail last may and forgot all about it until I was looking up infor on the family. I am still interested in a copy of the Salem photo is possible. Also names if you should have them. My Dad is Harry Wayne Reddinger. Grandfather was Harry Reddinger. My Great Grandfather was Raymond C. Reddinger. My Great-Great Grandfather was Emmanuel Reddinger. I believe my Great-Great-Great Grandfather was Dr. Emmanuel Reddinger (I believe the spelling changed around this time). At any rate, any information would be appreciated.

My address and phone # is:
548 Farm Rd
New Bethlehem, PA 16242

May Thaanks.


Redinger family photo

Hi, Bill -

And my apologies for not replying sooner.

Here is the photo:


Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

I will write more later about names, family history, etc. Dr. Emmanuel Reddinger was my great-grandfather.

All the best,

Gloria Duffy


Dear Gloria I too am a descendant of this Rettinger/Reddinger family. I would also like a photo of the picture you posted and any other info. you may have. I also have the Rettinger/Reddinger book that was published and still have some left if interested. Thank you.!!

henry and hannah reddinger

Hello I believe I am also a part of this family, although not a direct descendant of Henry and Hannah. My connection would be through Henry's Parents-Emmanuel and Susannah Rettinger. I have some photos of grave markers and such from both Henry and Emmanuel. Would like to share any info I could help you with and possibly get some info from you. Emmanuel would be my great-great-great-great grandfather.

Rettinger, Reddinger, Redinger - Emmanual Rettinger

Karl - I am a descendant of Emmanuel also. Between my father and I we have research this family for 30 years. My father Robert Redinger and me Robin Redinger in the 90's and 2000's. I have so much info back to Heinrich's arrival on the St. Andrew's ship in 1750. This past fall I was at the Natinoal Archives and I got to see the Oath of Alligence swearting the loyality to the king. I had a genealogist with me and she said that a scribe wrote his name for him as he must have been sick as there was a 'mark' next to his name to signify he couldn't write - probably too sick. I have tried so many things to find information on Emmanuel and he is just elusive! I know he was a medical Dr in 1880 and I found in a few census but not much on him. During my fathers hunt for information in the 70's he visited and Emmanuel ancestor who thought the medical bag was in the attic!!! Oh how that would have been nice to have after all this hunting. The lady was elderly so my dad didn't feel he could ask for it. Do you have any details on Emmanual other than census information? Like why was he a farmer, then a doctor and then back to a farmer? I couldn't find him in any medical schools or associations.
I would love to share more information with you. Please email me if you get this email
My line is
Henry (arrived on boat from Rotterdam)
Michael 1734 - 1799
Henry 1760-1827
Issac 1801 - 1889
Emmanuel 1822-1886
Issac 1849 -1912
Joseph 1881-1943
Herchel 1902 - 1958
Robert 1936 - present


My Grandfather was William Earl Reddinger, son Of William Augustus who was the son of Isaac Jr. I had published a Rettinger/Reddinger book and still have a few left if you would be interested. I certainly would like to share information. (I may have already written to you.but not sure )

Hi! I am a descendant of

I am a descendant of this family--the Redingers in Armstrong County PA. I have some information on them but I certainly don't have any pictures--this is wonderful! I am curious---can you trace them back further to "the old country?" I have records of them leaving Wurtenburg Germany but also records of them in Romania...


Henry and Hanna were my ancestors. He shot three men who attempted to rob him.His Bloodlinegoes back to Heinrich (Henry) Rettinger who arrived in Philadelphia in 1750 aboard the St. Andrew from Rotterdam with his son Michael age 16.
Tom Reddinger at [email protected] y a h o o dot c o m.


Tom, are you the son of Harry (Bud) Reddinger? and the grandson of Ray and Elizabeth?