Main Street, Shafter, Texas 1930s

Main Street, Shafter, Texas 1930s


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Shafter, tx

Nice picture, My grandfather(Jorge Sanchez) was born there. I also have a couple of relatives that lived and are buried there. sure would like to find out more about the people that lived there.


You might Google "Shoot Out At Shafter." It will give you a bit of information on the town.

Shafter, TX

Here are some books to lean about the area: The River Has Never Divided US, by Jefferson Moregenthaler. Cemeteries and Funerary Practices in the Big Bend of Texas, 1850 to Preset. Federico Villella's Texas, A Mexican Pioneer's Life in the Big Bend, By Juan Manuel Casas. Lastly, One Hundred Years of Faith & Memories by Viola G. Short. If you decide to go there. Marfa has about three Hotel/Motel's the last time I was there. Two were worse that Motel 6 and the 3rd was overpriced and I was not impressed. Presidio is worse. Closet is Alpine with is about 67 miles from Shafter. Is had an RV Park witch was not to bad, a Ramada Inn and a Hampton Inn. The local college is a great place for research. But just remember if you are from a Big City do not expect much. Marfa is trying to be a Artist Town but at my last visit over two years ago it was not much. The only other attraction is the Marfa Lights and I will let you google that!!!

My father family was born

My father family was born and raise there too. Sloan family


My Great Grandparent, Grandparents, Father and Uncles lived there until the early 1940's. They ran the Howell Package Store.

Howell Package Store Shafter Texas

Hi I'm the granddaughter of Bill Howell if your grandparents and your uncle and other family members lived in Shafter and worked at the package store hopefully you have some stories I would love to hear. Please contact me I look forward to hearing from you :)

main st in shafter, tx

wow. i live here in shafter and all these buildings are now in ruins. nice to see a shot where they are in reasonable shape.

how big is shafter? and why

how big is shafter? and why is it called the ghost town?


Shafter is not very big with only about 10 families living there now. It was a booming Silver Mine town back in the 20's & 30's but was closed in the early 1940's. The Catholic Church only holds services once a month. There are no businesses there now. No infrastructure. It located about 44 miles south of Marfa, TX, and 28 miles north of Presidio, TX.

Are you my old friend from Presidio. Married to Randy?

I worked for Presidio ISD from 1991-1993 in Candelaria.